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Property in the USA

Property in the USA

Property in the USA

An overview of property in the USA market

The prices of property in the USA market, even though greatly varying from one state to another, are often regarded as lower than in Europe and other parts of the world.

Averaging all purchasing of real estate over a one-year period, the state of Hawaii is the most expensive of all, with an average house price of $862,958. In contrast, Ohio has the most inexpensive real-estate in the country, with an average house price of $179,071.

It follows that if you’re moving to a tourist/ business center such as New York, Florida or California, you can expect higher house prices that those who wish to settle in states such as Utah, Idaho or Arizona.

It is relatively easy for foreigners to buy property in the USA, as there are few legal restrictions governing the sale of real-estate. The one challenge often faced by foreigners when it comes to buying property in the USA is obtaining a mortgage.

However, as with buying a home in any country, those who have taken the time to research the US real-estate market (and especially the market in their state) should have no problem when it comes to fulfilling this important part of their American Dream.

How to find property in the USA

The real-estate market in the US is unique in the sense that each state is different when it comes to buying a property in the USA. However, finding a home anywhere in the US can be done similarly regardless of state as sellers and real-estate agencies tend to work alike regardless of location.

The best ways for finding property in the USA include: websites, real estate agencies, driving through neighborhoods, newspaper classifieds (very popular, especially in the Midwest), and personal contacts. In the US, 77% of those looking for a home to buy use the Internet to find it.

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Property in the USA

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